About [ Ali Ajeena ]

“The book is open now and the pen keeps on writing
the story of my life; it starts right here”

My name is Ali! I was born in the cradle of all human civilization, currently Iraq.

Im an undergraduate student at York University in Toronto, Canada. I am currently pursuing his Specialized Honours of Bachelor of Science in Kinesiology and Health Sciences.

I’m starting as a REDZone Student ambassador this Summer, and continuing as a York is U Communication Student Ambassador in the fall!

My favorite season is Summer, I don’t like splatterings of herbs on my food. Spelling is definitly not a talent of mine, I tweet a lot. I have my very own opinions and strange beliefs, and I’m moderately interested in politics. I enjoy creative storytelling, singing (not creatively), and painting.

I love photography because as a photographer you not only have the opportunity to see some incredible sights as you move through your life, you also are able to chronicle the sight by capturing an image of it.

I Love photography because….

– I see things in a way I did not see it earlier

– I have learnt to accept things as they are, even if they are not in my favor

– I can communicate powerfully through the medium of VISUALS

– I can bring smiles to a lot of faces, even after I am gone

– It really makes me think]

– It makes me see the details I could not see before

– It gives me the real taste of life

– Freedom is my best friend

– I forgot what NO sounded like

– Now I can find Art even in Scrap

– The Black and white world is the most colorful.

– It made me realize that beauty is only skin deep

– It gives me the permission to go where others are not allowed and tell the stories that others might never see.

– It teaches me the beauty of being in the moment

– It allows me to visualize my own imagination.

– Its a perfect outlet to express the way I see the world

– It allows me to be myself

– The joy of making a perfect frame cannot be put down in words




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