Limitless at Vari

Vari Hall “York’s signature building” has four lecture theatres, seminar rooms (classrooms), as well as faculty offices. Vari Hall is a major campus meeting place. Students gather there to study, eat lunch, visit with friends, or just relax and charge their portable devices.



The large three-storey rotunda gave me the impression of the biologic conception of life and the limitless possibilities you have within your four years of being part in the York Community (or any other community). 


L i m i t l e s s ?


What if nothing changed in your life over the next 4 years? Would that be okay? It’s a scary thought isn’t it!?! But it doesn’t have to be your reality.

Going through your university years without a vision is much like sailing a boat without a compass. Without it, you get caught up in the same old day-to-day class-routine and you lose sight of where you are heading and what you are doing it for.


A vision adds a positive direction to your school career and reminds you of the final goal you want to achieve. It adds a sense of accomplishment to your daily class-routine as parts of your vision becomes a reality. And, four years from now, when you look back on your university years you can be proud of how far you have come, what you achieved and what you are truly capable of.



So, how do you go about writing your Personal Vision?
First, close your eyes… take a few deep breaths and relax. Imagine yourself four years from now. See the person you are… what are you doing? who are you with? what have you accomplished? what is important to you?


Remember, your vision statement doesn’t predict the future, it creates it. You bring it into existence!








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