Campus Study Spaces, York Commons.

I know, I know. The last thing you want to hear about after you’ve JUST gotten into university is where you should study at said university next year.

Whether we like it or not, the activity that takes up most of our time (more time than even sleeping) is studying. So it’s important to find a great place to do it, and all of us at the RED Zone have found those unique study spaces that have become like our second homes.

Its Summer time! What is this thing called “studying”? Honestly though, York has some pretty sweet places to hit the books. They might even become places you just want to hang out.

Come with me on a tour as I explore the places where our Student Ambassadors spend most of their time on campus through my lens.

I’m starting today with my own favourite, the York Commons. This might not be the beat place in terms if studying for an exam, however, its the perfect space for reading a book while getting your Vitamin D.


I will be exploring the RED Zone/ York is U Ambassadors’ favourite study places within the next episodes; stay tuned!


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