YFS hosting the Pride Flag Raising Ceremony


Hello YorkU students!

Welcome to another episode of YorkU through my lens!

So today, as I was working at the coolest zone at York, The RED Zone, came across this very cool event at the Vari Hall Rotunda.

I had to picture those delicious homemade cupcakes (in rainbow effect) as I was watching the flag soar high over the Commons during the annual flag raising ceremony. The event was attended by many remarkable guests, as the YFS  remarked on their ongoing commitment to equity and safety ofLGBTTIQQ2SA at York.


York @ Pride is generously supported by the AGYU, CHR, TBLGAY, YFS and SexGen York committee.

The Flag Raising Ceremony was sponsored by Dean Crow and the Faculty of Graduate Studies, and Stephanie Francis, coordinator, Residence Life at the Centre for Student Community & Leadership Development.

 The York @ Pride festivities are sponsored by Alumni Relations, Faculty of Health, Faculty of Graduate Studies, Faculty of Environmental Studies, Faculty of Education, Faculty of Science and McLaughlin College.

For more information or to voluneteer and participate at the events, contact Suzanne Carte, assistant curator, AGYU, at 416-736-5169 or scarte@yorku.ca.  #YUatPride

Check York@Pride’s Website!




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