Double digit temperatures are here.


I want to start by saying, Congratulations! You are about to embark on an incredible period of learning and discovery at York.

What is York through a lens?

York is the 3rd largest university in Canada, taking a guided tour of our beautiful campus will last approximately three hours. However, it will take you much less to explore York University through my lens. You will learn more about York, our student life, and Toronto in general!

Double digit temperatures are here. The snow’s melting. The sun’s out. These are some photos of our bright campus in Summer time!


YorkU Bus Stop
taken on Friday June 15, 2013.


YorkU Bus Stop
taken on Friday June 15, 2013.

Its BBQ season as well!


Central Square – York University
taken on Wednesday June 13, 2013

Summer is synonymous with grilling for many current students, and why not? When the weather is warm, we spend more time outdoors and try to stay out of the buildings.

You can start at Central Square Courtyard!
Every Wednesday and Thursdays (11 AM-2PM) for their summer lunch specials “Barbecue at the Courtyard!”

Check back for more of Virtual tours of our Keele Campus and of course York through my lens!



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